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Save More from Thousand Hills Platinum Experience

Date: 2015-08-12 12:00:00 am

Save More from Thousand Hills Platinum Experience


sample Platinum Experience BookletA wonderful vacation in Branson can be more fun and exciting if you get the most bang of your vacation dollar. Thousand Hills Resort is giving each qualified reservation during 2015 season a Platinum Experience booklet to take advantage of Branson’s popular shows, attractions, activities, and restaurants. This booklet is a gift to you for staying at any of the cozy accommodations of Thousand Hills Resort. The best part is, unlike other offers such as percentage coupons or buy one take one, the Platinum Experience Booklet gives you admission tickets and meals worth over $750, compliments of Thousand Hills.

Platinum Experience Booklet can only be obtained at Thousand Hills Resort. Take advantage of this offer which is good up to December 31, 2015. This offer is good for reservations in any 2 bedroom or larger lake condo, golf condo, or log cabin. If you book now for a qualifying reservation with Thousand Hills today, you will get this booklet on check in and you are ready to have a Platinum Experience in Branson. This platinum experience do not qualify to guests with reservations in 1 Bedroom, King or Queen Suite units.

Once you receive your Platinum Experience Booklet at check-in, you can use as many coupons as you like during your stay at Thousand Hills Resort. Thousand Hills understands that guests are always searching for the best value they can find. So they created the Platinum Experience to make sure you enjoy more and spend less while having a great time in Branson. The booklet is filled with Branson’s hottest shows, attractions, and restaurants for you to experience.  

Some of the best shows and attractions in Branson that you can take advantage with the Platinum Experience Booklet include the Shoji Tabuchi Show, Sights & Sounds Theaters, Pierce Arrow Show, The Mickey Gilley Show, Presleys' Country Jubilee, The Legendary Lettermen, and many more. The Shoji Tabuchi Show is a unique entertainment show in Branson that every American music lover is raving about. Shoji Tabuchi together with his beautiful wife Dorothy and lovely daughter Christina perform a unique style of entertainment that plays, sings, and dances with wholesome values for a great family show.

Sight & Sound Theater depicts a classic story that will delight audiences with its powerful cast of 45 professional adult and children actors, live animals, and special effects. This epic story is about the journey of Jonah that took place 700 years before the birth of Christ. A faithful and righteous prophet, but later disobeyed God and run away. He went through a terrible storm and was devoured by an enormous fish. The Pierce Arrow Show is another great attraction in Branson that features a cast of four talented vocalists that includes the world’s lowest note bass singer. The members of the show are also experienced gospel singers.

When you stay at Thousand Hills Resort, you will get a Platinum Experience Booklet that can give you advantage in enjoying some of Branson’s popular shows, attractions, and restaurants.

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