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Pre-Christmas Celebration in Branson

Date: 2019-11-08 12:00:00 am

Pre-Christmas Celebration in Branson


The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived, and if you want to celebrate the holiday season in a popular vacation spot in the Midwest, you’ll get the chance to see many spectacular Christmas attractions in Branson.

When the weather starts to become cold, the holiday spirit in Branson is in full swing, and you will find many things to enjoy from exciting attractions to holiday shopping, and many entertainment venues start to host Christmas shows. Listed below are some of the popular Christmas attractions in Branson that offer pre-Christmas celebration.

Dixie Stampede Christmas Show is one of the most popular Christmas attractions in Branson where you can enjoy a true country Christmas celebration that features fantastic races, stunning costumes, dancing, trick riding, and many other amusing shows.

During the show, several holiday characters including Santa Claus and the live nativity scene will remind everyone with the true meaning of the holiday. The dinner show will make every guest enjoy delicious home-cooked hands-on food that you will surely love, so be sure to come with an empty tummy. If you are in Branson during the holiday season, don’t miss to watch this Christmas Show.

Christmas on the Trail Chuckwagon Dinner Show is another fantastic Christmas attraction in Branson that is sure to give you an unforgettable experience. At the start of the dinner show, you will see performers play meaningful Christmas songs and recite inspirational poetry to make everyone enjoy the holiday spirit.

After the show, you can then make a trip to the Trail of Lights or go to the top of the Inspiration Tower to see the spectacular view of all dazzling Christmas lights. This pre-Christmas experience takes three and a half hours, and it will make your family enjoy this Christmas attraction in Branson.

Andy Williams Christmas Spectacular Show at the Moon River Theatre is one of the most popular Christmas shows in Branson for many years. The great singer, Andy Williams has entertained many ardent fans worldwide with his charming voice, and while he already passed away, his legacy of spreading Christmas cheer has continued.

Many Branson visitors want to experience this two-decade-old Christmas tradition with a holiday variety show starring the Osmonds and the Lennon Sisters. This two-hour show features all your favorite Christmas tunes along with dancing and beautiful costumes.

Comedy Jamboree Christmas Show is another Christmas attraction in Branson that delivers a hilarious and heartwarming performance which brings a smile to your face and make you enjoy the true holiday spirit.

With harmonious melodies, lively dancing, and side-splitting humor, this Christmas show in Branson is definitely worth the time and will make you enjoy the true spirit of the holiday in the Ozarks. This pre-Christmas celebration in Branson features many of the same songs that are performed year-round with the addition of some holiday tunes and some special Christmas songs.

The Haygoods Christmas Show is one of the most popular Christmas attractions in Branson which features extremely talented family members that perform a range of genre songs during the holiday season where half of the show is filled with Christmas cheer.


Aside from the Christmas carols that the Haygoods are going to perform during the show, the group will also sing fantastic renditions of classics like “Silver Bells” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to name a few. As you watch the show, you can easily fall in love with the melodious harmony of their songs. For Haygoods' fans, you can also check out Mad Mountain Kings, where several of the Haygoods family members are also featured.

Presleys' Christmas Country Jubilee is a family-centric gospel show that has been a favorite show in Branson for decades and is one of the staples in the entertainment scene. This Presley’s Christmas Country Jubilee show is filled with hilarious comedy and melodious music that is sure to please everyone in the audience.

From famous gospel songs to inspiring renditions of contemporary holiday songs, this show exemplifies Christmas celebration in the Ozarks and is one of the most favorite Christmas shows for an evening of good country songs.

Shoji Tabuchi's Christmas Show is a fantastic show in Branson that features world-renowned violinist Shoji Tabuchi. Aside from the fantastic violin renditions of Shoji Tabuchi of some popular holiday songs, this fascinating Christmas show features festive costumes, fun dancing, and melodious harmonies. Throughout the two-hour show, Tabuchi also plays a mix of rock and roll, country, blues, and other songs.

The first week of November is the best time to spend a fantastic pre-Christmas celebration at some popular Christmas attractions in Branson.


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