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Let’s Hunt Some Bugs!

Date: 2015-12-04 12:00:00 am

Let’s Hunt Some Bugs!


Bug hunting Summer season is a great time to have fun with nature on the trail, in the school garden or in our own backyard. Bugs and other creeping critters always draw fun and excitement for the kids and get them nearer to nature. Whether you’re out to see beautiful natural sceneries or enjoy fun with nature through hiking, biking, horseback riding, you are sure to find a place that is perfect for hunting for some bugs either in the park, camping area or in the wild. Not all kids like bugs, but going on a bug hunt is fun especially if you take along some friends. The more kids looking for fun by hunting out for bugs, the better.

Even for the most fastidious kids, they can be successful in bug hunting adventure. Bug hunting is a simple nature activity to do in outdoors where it is easy to look for that little critters. Hunting some bugs has helpful tips that can help make your kids find interesting bugs to keep them entertained for hours. To start hunting bugs, you should have a basic kit that consists a bug container with clear plastic tub or jam jar with air holes so your finds can be fully examined before releasing it to the wild. Tweezers are also needed for picking up bugs (a plastic spoon is recommended for kids who may squeeze it a little harder with tweezers).

The best place to start bug hunting is at home in your own backyard, the first place to look is around the garden, in plants or in small trees. The walls of your house and other climbing plants provide safe habitats and are often used throughout the year by these small critters. Backyard bugs are usually hiding under things like potted plants, rocks or other heavy things. If you’re in the park or trail, you can find bugs in flowers and trees. These little critters tend to like dark and damp places, so it will be helpful to check leaf piles, under logs, as well as flowers, plants and small trees. You can also hunt this mini beast in the woods, school grounds, or in sidewalks where plants and small trees are bountiful.

Searching for signs of bugs is a thrilling nature fun activity. These critters are easy to miss if you’re walking too fast. Walk slowly and let your eyes closely check the area for anything that moves. It may even help to hang out for a while in a place with leafy plants or trees. If possible, you have to stay quiet all the time, although not quite possible with kids. But kids are willing to listen and be still when looking for bugs and other wild critters. And when you’ve spotted one – the kids are sure to enjoy their new toy.

Bug hunting is an exciting activity for kids who want to enjoy fun with nature by searching little critters in wildflowers, leafy plants, small trees, shrubs, large rocks, and rotting logs.

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