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Let’s Go Pick Up Santa Claus!

Date: 2015-11-04 12:00:00 am

Let’s Go Pick Up Santa Claus!


The Polar Express is an added attraction in Branson that gives fun and excitement to visitors during Ozark Mountain Christmas. General Manager for the Branson Tourism Center Paul Miller, who is also a 12-year veteran in providing Branson vacation planning services said, “From spectacular lighting displays to great shows, shopping, attractions and restaurants, Christmas in Branson is special. The addition of the ‘Polar Express’ is yet another exciting way that families can enjoy a special Branson Christmas experience together.’’

Santa ClausThe “Polar Express” is based on the award winning movie of Warner Brothers in 2004 of the same name. Branson Scenic Railways is the only location in the region that is licensed to host a “Polar Express’’ event. The “Polar Express’’ in Branson is scheduled to make 60 trips to the “North Pole” that starts on November 6 until December 19. The schedule of trips is only Thursday through Sunday with the exception on Thanksgiving Day, and December 6 and 13.

Branson Scenic Railway vice-president and general manager Illa Kamp assures visitors that the Polar Express will start a new Christmas tradition for families. Passengers in the Branson Scenic Railway station will board the “Polar Express” which features special decorations and lighting for the night time rides to the “North Pole.’’ The destination to the “North Pole’’ will be in the Hollister Depot where Santa Claus will board the train and will be giving gifts to children. During the journey, the story of “Polar Express’’ will be read to the passengers as they enjoy cookies and hot chocolate.

Riding with the “Polar Express” to the North Pole is only among the many ways to celebrate Christmas in Branson and it is made even better with the exciting and chugging journey across the railways of Missouri. Families and children of all ages will board at the amazing 1906 depot of the Branson Scenic Railway in the downtown area of Branson. As the train takes off across the railway, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the beautiful scenery. Passengers can have the opportunity to enjoy many fun activities while they’re on board with special meeting times with Santa and caroling to town residents, some hot cocoa, and a surprise gift for the kids.

“Polar Express” passengers can upgrade to the first class dining car seating, where they will be served with hot cocoa in a special Polar Express Souvenir Mug and delicious freshly-baked cookies. Passengers are assured to enjoy their trip on the train as it journeys across the downtown area where they can see the picturesque views of theaters and dazzling lights from afar.

Also called the Ozark Zephyr, the historic train winds its way across the scenic spots of Branson and through the forests of Red Bud and Dogwood trees while the trip narrator onboard relates about all the sights that the train traverses.

For a memorable experience that you’ll never forget, take the Polar Express on Branson Scenic Railway for a tour of the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

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