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Let Your Five Senses Work

Date: 2016-03-03 12:00:00 am

Let Your Five Senses Work


enjoy nature Spending a great bonding moment in outdoors with kids with some nature fun activities can help shape the development of five senses where they can experience to hear, see, smell, taste or touch the things around them. Drawing kids’ attention to the five senses and discussing them increases the understanding and communication about the things that they want to know. Explaining to kids how the five senses can help them figure out what’s going on around them, make them decide whether to enjoy or not to enjoy an experience.

As you bring the kids for a nature walk ask them to write about what their five senses can do. The kids should know the importance of the five senses which make our lives great and fruitful. Many of us admire things because our eyes see it. Beautiful sounds make us lively because our ears hear it. We can feel the beauty or roughness of things we hold because our hands feel it. We appreciate the smell of a delicious food because our noses smell it. We like the taste of food or drink because of our tongues.

Kids use their ears to listen to a variety of sounds around them that either give them enjoyment or annoyance. Developing good listening habits help kids get important information from teachers, parents, or friends. By absorbing all helpful hints through listening especially during class, kids usually excel once they are tested. Like other skills that kids learn, constant practice in listening will result to effective listening where information heard are all absorbed.

Nature fun activities for kids involve sight where their eyes easily help them in recognizing things around them allowing them to enjoy the fun. Teaching kids how their eyes work and how eyes play tricks, experiment with optical activities and illusions. Try folding a dollar bill in front of a child and have him prepare to catch it by stretching his arms. If the child hasn’t caught it before it lands on the ground, it only means that the hands of the child don’t move as fast as the bill drops.

When kids are enjoying nature fun in outdoors, they easily recognize smells which may be comforting, yummy, exciting, and sometimes foul. Many of the kids have already developed taste preferences when their parents started feeding them in the early years of their lives. If you ask kids about which taste they do and do not prefer, they usually answer the taste of the food they like to eat and the taste of the food they hate. Kids learn also about their bodies and know how to communicate with others through the sense of touch. Most of the feeling of touch that we experience happens through our feet and our hands.

So, if you want your kids know the importance of five senses to our lives, bring them for a walk and enjoy nature fun activity where they can see, hear, taste, feel or smell many things around them.

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