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Lemonade, Pretzels and Some Classic Movies

Date: 2015-08-01 12:00:00 am

Lemonade, Pretzels and Some Classic Movies


pretzels Branson log cabin is one of the most sought after accommodations at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. This beautiful log cabin accommodation is a fascinating place to stay as it features excellent amenities such as cable TV with HBO, free wireless internet access, and a DVD player. This comfy log cabin is the perfect place to spend a cool summer afternoon as you watch some classic movies while at the same time enjoying delicious pretzels and freshly squeezed lemonade. The wonderful ambiance you feel in this beautiful accommodation allows you to enjoy a perfect vacation in a relaxed and peaceful setting.     

Every log cabin at Thousand Hills Golf Resort provides guests a luxurious and comfortable stay that cannot be enjoyed in regular hotel rooms. The great location of this cozy log cabin accommodation in a secluded place will let you experience a relaxing atmosphere in a calm environment and a chance to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery and the stunning wildlife at the foothills of the Ozark Mountain. Thousand Hills not only provides a comfortable and luxurious way of living but also the opportunity to enjoy exciting indoor and outdoor activities around the area.

The comfort and convenience you can experience in staying in Branson log cabin allows you to enjoy complete satisfaction that may surpass your expectations. The spacious area of every log cabin at Thousand Hills will let you enjoy the fun and excitement during your wonderful stay in a very relaxed and cool atmosphere. Whether you just want to enjoy the picturesque view of the beautiful natural scenery around the area or want to play golf, you are sure to enjoy seeing spectacular rock formations, panoramic wooded valleys, and majestic streams around the popular Thousand Hills Golf Course.

Your wonderful stay in Branson log cabin that you have been dreaming for so long is like no other that has all the perks that come with excellent amenities and complete kitchen furnishings. With the fully equipped kitchen of every log cabin, meals can easily be prepared even for a big group of 8. If you are staying longer than expected, you don’t have to worry if you runn out of clean clothes as the kitchen is furnished with washer and dryer which allows you to clean dirty clothes conveniently and that you don’t have to worry of bringing home dirty personal belongings.

A fantastic getaway in Branson log cabin with the fun of viewing HBO movies or DVD films while enjoying delicious snacks is such a memorable experience that you cannot forget. Although log cabins are beautifully nestled in a secluded area, it is actually near Highway 76 Strip where you can always have the opportunity to enjoy world class live entertainment shows, live performances in many theaters, exciting attractions, museums, parks, and shopping and dining opportunities.

If you are looking for a perfect accommodation, stay in a log cabin at Thousand Hills in Branson where you can watch classic movies in summer afternoon while enjoying delicious snacks.

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