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Laugh Your Heart Out with the Sanders Family Singers

Date: 2015-02-12 12:00:00 am

Laugh Your Heart Out with the Sanders Family Singers


Sanders Family Sanders Family Christmas is one of Branson’s most popular and requested Christmas shows where the talented Sanders Family Singers performed at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. This Sanders Family Christmas Show is the continuing story of Smoke on the Mountain where the audience is taken to Christmas Eve in the year 1941. This 2-hour show celebrate the season with gospel music and laughter. This most beloved Christmas classic has been produced in theaters and venues around the world and became one of the most sought after productions for the holiday and Christmas season. Now, you can get the opportunity to watch this amazing show with talented cast that will take you on a holiday journey you won’t ever forget.

This popular Sanders Christmas Show is about a family’s only son who is being transported to the Marine Corps when the attack on Pearl Harbor is still fresh, the depression is drawing to an end, and the war is about to begin. Before their only son leave for military service, the family head out to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church where the annual celebration of Christmas festivities takes place.

At their arrival in the church, the family is greeted by Reverend Mervin Oglethorpe where he will help renew and restore the faith in the congregation with inspirational gospel songs and hymns and a number of traditional songs. At the start of this Christmas Show, the cast will share with the audience some of the funniest stories, hilarious comedy, and insights that will certainly put everyone on a great mood with much fun and laughter.

The Sanders Family and Reverend Mervin Oglethorpe try to raise the spirits of their audience (their faithful flock) into a hilarious, rousing, and heart-warming Christmas gospel songs with cherished holiday tunes and carols. The cast of this wonderful Christmas show include the family’s patriarch, Burl; and his scripture-quoting wife, Vera; Uncle Stanley; the twins Dennis and Denise and their singing sister June. This interesting Sanders Christmas Show is a must-see limited engagement that features a great family holiday traditions.

This wonderful show of the Sanders Family is really touching and inspiring as it offers plenty of laughter. A truly heart-warming holiday celebration in an intimate setting is perfect for pulling the audience to this unique Christmas show. This Sanders Family Christmas Show is your next holiday destination in the making. This great show of music and laughter that is also presented at the Little Opry Theater by the sanctified Sanders Family Singers features nightly shows every 8 pm from Tuesday through Saturday.

The Sanders Christmas Show at the Little Opry Theater inside Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex on the Shepherd Of The Hills Expressway celebrate Christmas with faith in old-fashioned family fun show! This unique Ozark Mountain Christmas thoroughly embraces one of the most sacred holidays in Branson. So, if you want to watch this fantastic gospel musical comedy in this amazing show, come see the Sanders Christmas Show where you can laugh your heart out with the Sanders Family Singers.

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