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How to Transfer Your Energy for a Powerful Golf Swing

Date: 2019-01-09 12:00:00 am

How to Transfer Your Energy for a Powerful Golf Swing


If we want distance when playing golf in Branson, we think of clubhead speed and the need to swing the club faster.

It’s true that speed is important in your golf swing, but a powerful golf swing is actually by the transfer of energy from the golfer’s body to the golfer’s arms, to the golf club, to the clubhead and into the ball. Many of the golfers, whether a beginner or a pro display maximum effort and contortions in their swings and the ball goes short with misdirection. Good golfers usually get maximum distance by swing easy, effortlessly and slowly as they use the science of energy transfer.

playing golf in BransonWhen you try to swing faster for more clubhead speed, the body often feels as if we put a lot of energy into the swing but, unfortunately, the ball won’t go far as you expected. The reason is simple. The so-called potential energy is created by coiling the body and you can’t make a good golf swing because the energy is not released from the body and into the ball. Most of the energy has remained in the body making a failure of distance and direction. When energy is released correctly, the swing will feel effortless. In order to release energy, we must learn how to create energy and release it.

The true key to energy transfer is the hands slow down or stop for impact. The clubhead has to move three or four times faster the distance the hands move. Hands must slow down or stop at impact so that the clubhead catch up to the hands and for the transfer of energy to release from the body to the ball.

It was learned that Jack Nicklaus was one of the best at slowing down the hands so that energy created by his body coil or rotation can be released to the ball for impact. Like the towel and bullwhip, the energy has moved from the body to the lighter arms, the lighter club and to the lighter golf ball.

Many golfers fail to slow down the hands for energy release and, as a result, they usually slice the ball. This happens because they believe they must swing the hands as fast to get distance. It’s hard to believe that slowing down the hand’s releases energy to the ball.

You probably have heard people say, “slow down the swing,” but this is not correct, the right statement should be to slow down the hands, or stop them for a split second, for impact. Slowing the swing down can often help this, but the proper hand slow down must prevail. When hitting a golf ball, energy from the body must be transferred to the ball. To make sure that this process will happen with optical efficiency, we need to ensure proper timing and mechanics in the swing.

When you are playing golf in Branson and want to learn how to transfer your energy for a powerful golf swing, try to learn these tips.


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