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Healthy Winter Foods

Date: 2016-02-02 12:00:00 am

Healthy Winter Foods


Carrot-Parsnip SoupCompared to other season of the year, winter is a time where many people stay in log cabins and enjoy a relaxing activity watching TV, surfing the internet, or feasting with healthy winter foods. While it is cold outside, you may need extra calories to stay warm. During the cold days, nothing is more satisfying than a hearty hot bowl of soup. The idea of making your oven compartments and stovetop burners more active in winter can easily let you focus on preparing hot food and experience the warmth of eating savory and healthy food. Winter is the time when many people want to turn more often to baking and roasting of winter food recipes.

The heat of the oven is not the only way to feel so good in winter. Warming foods are a great choice during the cold season. Foods that are great to warm include most root vegetables (like carrots), and most cruciferous vegetables (like cabbage). Compared with leafy vegetables (like lettuce) that tend to grow much more quickly, root vegetables and crucifers make excellent food choices during winter season. Some foods like hot peppers (including cayenne and chili pepper) are good for seasoning that can also make good sense during the colder winter months because of their warming properties.

If you have limited movements during the winter, the smaller, denser, and more compacted foods make good choices during the cold season. Winter season is considered as the time to store up on heavier, high-calorie foods. Whole grains that have nutrient dense bran are a good example of winter choice. Seeds are another nutritiously compacted winter food like the sunflower and sesame seeds, which are considered to have a warming effect. Dried beans and lentils that are used in preparing of a hearty winter soup would also fit into the category of smaller, denser, and compacted foods.

Winter is a perfect season to get along with friends and family around a relaxed log cabin accommodation with a well-prepared hot meal. The sharing of healthy winter foods can be one of the most peaceful and lasting experiences of winter. The feeling of a genuinely shared meal can help offset difficulties such as stress, worries, and uneasy situation. It’s a season where people might hold the key to their mental health as they make their way in preparing healthy winter foods at this time of year.  

While some farmers’ market are closed for winter, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop preparing healthy food with veggies at the dinner table. Fresh vegetables and fruit are sometimes underrepresented in some restaurant menus, so cooking them at your log cabin or at any accommodation is a sure way to eat enough of good stuff. Winter produce can just be as exciting. In Carrot-Parsnip Soup, winter root vegetables give sweet flavors to a hearty bowl of soup.

Spending a wonderful winter vacation in cozy log cabins is a perfect way to enjoy and experience the warmth of eating savory and healthy winter food.

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