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Have a Historic Tour at the Titanic Museum this Christmas

Date: 2014-10-25 12:00:00 am

Have a Historic Tour at the Titanic Museum this Christmas

Titanic During ChristmasTitanic Museum is one of the most visited Branson attractions that offer a historic tour this Christmas. This largest museum attraction in the world will give visitors the opportunity to become a passenger of this great ocean liner and experience the tragic maiden voyage through a number of over 400 artifacts and countless exhibits. When you visit the Titanic Museum you will enjoy Christmas with the captain and crew of the ship.  Don’t miss the opportunity to collect 4 handmade Titanic Christmas ornaments and a chance to take home the Titanic Cobi Block Kit. You can also get the chance to see the Titanic Fantasy Princess on her visit to the Titanic Museum this Christmas.

Before the start of the 90-minute Tour to the Titanic Museum, you’ll be handed a ticket with the name of one of the Titanic’s passengers. As you make your way through the exhibits in the Memorial Room, you will find out if the passenger name assigned to you has died or survived from the disaster. This historic Branson attraction is home to historical treasures and many priceless artifacts. The museum’s sensational tour allows all visitors to walk through the Grand Staircase, beautiful hallways, first class staterooms, and 20 different public rooms. This unique museum in Branson features many interesting exhibits that reflect the historical background of the Titanic.

The 18-foot Titanic Model is one of the beautiful exhibits in the museum which is one of a kind scale model of the ship. A replica of the Third Class accommodation, will let you learn what it was like to stay in Third Class, how many people shared in a room, where the bathroom was located, and also learn how much it would cost to stay in Third Class accommodation in today’s standards. The Grand Staircase Replica is a unique and exciting exhibit at the museum which was constructed from the original blue prints. On your tour in the Titanic, you can walk and admire the Grand Staircase that was hand-crafted with wooden inlays.

In the museum, every visitor has the chance to step into the Captain’s bridge and get the opportunity to learn how to send an SOS signal and see equipments such as the steering wheel, the compass, and the mapping table. The museum also features an exhibit of Molly & Carter’s Dog Kennel that shares the facts about the animals that traveled onboard the Titanic. You can also see a memorial wall in the museum that features the names of over 2,200 Titanic passengers and their stories.

The museum also features unique exhibits about the children who sailed on the Titanic. Of the 2,208 passengers of the Titanic, 133 of them were children. Their thoughts, experiences, and feelings are recreated in this unique form of display at the Titanic Museum.

If you want to learn historical facts about the tragic maiden voyage of the Titanic, join the 90-minute Tour to the Titanic Museum in Branson this Christmas and see for yourself many priceless artifacts, historical treasures, and many interesting exhibits.



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