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Get the Highest Level of Haunted Experience

Date: 2015-01-01 12:00:00 am

Get the Highest Level of Haunted Experience


Castle of Chaos is one of most entertaining Branson group attractions for kids and adult that features the scariest adventure of your life. Castle of Chaos 5D Adventure is a must see revolutionary family attraction in Branson, Missouri and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This action-packed indoor activity features a 3D film with special effects, heart-pounding motion, and an all-out shooting battle against evil. These haunted Branson group attractions make you feel you are inside a scary movie. Discover the paranormal mysteries in this haunted attraction and prepare to have a blast.

Whether you want to have some fun in the Ozarks or planning a vacation to this top tourist destination in the US, make sure to visit the Castle of Chaos in Country Boulevard in Branson, Missouri or in Showplace Boulevard in  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Castle of Chaos in the Ozarks offers visitors to join the Battle Against Evil. These popular haunted Branson group attractions combine a 3D film experience, ride, and video game in one scary adventure.

The mission in this haunted adventure is to discover the fate of 1920s horror film star Carli Winepeg and her crew, who disappeared in this castle while shooting an epic horror movie. If you are ready to start this 5D Adventure and securely buckled, get ready with your pistol and prepare to see, hear, feel and smell the chaos and shoot terrifying inhabitants for your protection and aim to get the highest score. At the end of every haunted adventure ride, winners are shown on-screen. Playing with this 5D attraction, you will find out why Castle of Chaos become one of the best new attractions in the world by the  International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions.

Castle of chaos is a great haunted attraction that offers the first 5D adventure in the world. Castles of Chaos features a crew of 30 people that shot an original film in 3D and HD in a real medieval castle in Europe. Then, the ride team went imaginative on building a spinning theatrical platform with 25 seats. The sensors and speakers were then worked out by special effects group that release water, smoke, wind, foul scents, and screaming sound. Then the model makers built life-size, scary and frightening animatronics figures. Game experts programmed an interactive system that allows players to shoot at everything appeared on the screen and track score in every hit.

Castle of Chaos 5D Attraction is such an enthralling experience because it is the first ride in the world to incorporate interactive technologies and multi-media features in one attraction. This 21st century haunted attraction combines the latest in 3D projection with special effects, surround sound, animatronics, motion-based seats, and a shooting system that distributes scores to each of the members. Each player gathers up points and at the end of the ride, top five scorers are shown on the screen.

If you want to experience the scariest haunted adventure of your life, come play at the Castle of Chaos, one of Branson group attractions that features the world’s first 5D attraction.

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