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Get Upclose and Personal with the Big Cats

Date: 2015-01-04 12:00:00 am

Get Upclose and Personal with the Big Cats


Nationa; Tiger SanctuaryNational Tiger Sanctuary is a wonderful zoo in Branson where you can see a variety of big cats such as the white tigers, lions, bears, mountain lions, panthers, Bengal tigers, and many more. Inside this fantastic zoo in Branson, you can get up close and personal with the big cats. Your visit to this zoo in Branson gives you the chance to enjoy educational facility that is dedicated to providing you and your family to get as close as you can to the Big Cats. You can get as close to the cage in just three feet between you and these scary creatures. This protective environment allows everyone a safe encounter with the big cats and a unique experience.

The tours in the National Tiger Sanctuary are guided and operate three times a day. With this guided tour, you can get the opportunity to witness the big cats sleep together, play with pumpkins and barrels, nurture their young, play with each other, and eat as they tear the raw meats of their feeds. Many of the tigers and other rescued big cats at the National Tiger Sanctuary in Branson location will make the whole family laughs and enjoy something that you haven’t experienced before. The zoo offers special tours that gives visitors the chance to watch these big cats during feeding time.     

National Tiger Sanctuary offers various wildlife refuge tours on site. These tours include feeding the animals in the first USDA-approved facility in the country allowing everyone to feed the big cats. This wildlife refuge tour opportunity offers a unique and amazing experience once in a lifetime. There is also a behind the scenes tour where you will get to see firsthand experience where the big cats are cared for and fed. You will also get the chance to see the preparation of the food for the big cats in the wildlife refuge and see how the staff assist in the feeding process.

The sanctuary has been welcoming visitors since 2000 to explore the facility in an interactive, educational, and entertaining tour to meet some of the most feared and revered exotic animals in the world. As one of the most respected and renown huge display of big cats, the National Tiger Sanctuary has become one of the world’s leading habitats for exotic cats. The zoo in Branson was specifically designed to house these terrible creatures and facilitate the showcasing of these amazing animals.

The on-site guides in the sanctuary are on hand to provide you with any information about all the creatures, while providing educational information and insights for those on tour. Thousands of people each year come to the Missouri to see many of the magnificent tigers, lions, and leopards that play and live in this serene Ozark Mountain habitat.

If you want to see a variety of big cats and get as close as you can, visit the National Tiger Sanctuary and join the tour where you can get the chance how these exotic animals are cared and fed.

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