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Feel the Summer Through Beach Boys California Dreamin’ Show

Date: 2016-04-15 12:00:00 am

Feel the Summer Through Beach Boys California Dreamin’ Show


California Dreamin’ ShowIf you want to hear the songs coming from the Beach Boys and other stars of the 60’s, take a musical journey with the “Beach Boys California Dreamin’” Show in Branson as they take you on a trip to the West Coast for a beach party, and back to the music era of the 60’s and 70’s we all loved so much. In this show, you will hear some of the Beach Boys biggest hits such as Surfin’ U.S.A., I Get Around, Barbara Ann, Help Me Rhonda, and Wouldn’t It Be Nice. You will also hear favorite songs from Peter, Paul and Mary; Simon & Garfunkel; The 5th Dimension; Joni Mitchell; Burt Bacharach; The Mamas & The Papas; The Carpenters; The Association and many other big artists.

The “Beach Boys California Dreamin’” is one of Branson shows where you will hear memorable music made famous by phenomenal artists and more. Even if you’re still young to hear the sensational music the first time around, “Beach Boys California Dreamin’” will make you fall in love with all their amazing American classics. Toe-tapping numbers, thoughtful songs, upbeat tunes – it’s everything that makes you enjoy a good and easy music for your listening pleasure. High energy dance, great harmonies, and introspective moments, all await you as they perform together to make their show sensational  and enjoyed by families and friends of all ages.

A cast of talented performers uses beautiful harmonies combined with historical narration with a skillfully choreographed dance numbers to share the hits of the 60’s and 70’s. The performing groups produced some of the great music of that time where their appeal has grown over the decades. With the “Beach Boys California Dreamin’” Show, you will hear good ballads, upbeat harmonies, and introspective songwriting that is combined together to create sounds that you’ve never forgotten.

This unique Branson show at the God and Country Theatre offers an incredible variety of live entertainment productions and created its own place among all those unforgettable musical offerings. Gorgeous harmonies, energetic dancing, good laughs, and introspective moments combined with historical narration create a truly touching walk down memory lane that will take you back and move you forward. Don’t miss to see this great Branson show on your next visit to America’s capital of live entertainment shows.

Listen to the fun songs that filled the radio in the 60’s which will come to life on stage at the God and Country Theatre. Come remember the big hair, bright colors, fashion, peace and love that made the songs great and see why tourists this season are giving great reviews of the “Beach Boys California Dream’” Show in Branson. See tons of fun costumes and talented cast making it one of the best Branson shows.

With its perfect harmonies and high energy dance numbers, along with fun songs of yesterday, this is a show in Branson to give you the chance to bask in the beautiful music of yesteryears.

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