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Explore the Ozarks and Find the Bigfoot

Date: 2019-03-13 12:00:00 am

Explore the Ozarks and Find the Bigfoot


The Bigfoot Discover Expedition is just one of the many attractions in this favorite vacation spot that can be found at the Bigfoot on the Strip located at W. Hwy 76 in Branson.

attractions in BransonThere are many indoor and outdoor attractions that are also featured in this massive facility that includes Bigfoot Action Tower, Gravity Bomb, Super Sling, Bigfoot Adventure Golf, Bigfoot’s Arcade, Bigfoot 8Di Leadslinger Cinema, Bigfoot’s Adventure Maze, Yeti Play Zone & Money Jump, and Bigfoot Truck Dining Park.

As one of the newest attractions in Branson, The Bigfoot Discovery Expedition offers visitors a true off-roading experience with fun twists, turns, and bumps. This new attraction inside the Bigfoot facility is a great way to enjoy the spring with an excellent adventure that will take you through Branson’s Bigfoot Farms, a working Scottish Highland Cattle Farm where you will experience some of the most incredible sites in the Ozark Mountains. This excellent off-road adventure gives you the chance to hand feed, pet and say hello to Scottish Highland cattle.

Scottish Highland cattle are located in Scotland where Bigfoot markings are frequently sighted, and this is where the Bigfoot adventure tour begins. The trip utilizes a 4x4, all-terrain trucks that were custom built in Nevada with open windows giving tour participants an authentic outdoor experience.

As soon as you set foot to the farm, the cattle will immediately go near the vehicle to greet you and expect some snack.  As well as spectacular views of the Ozark mountains and feeding cattle, you’ll see sightings of a large limestone bluff painted with hieroglyphics that tell a Native American version of the Bigfoot tale.

Bigfoot Discovery Expedition is the first of its kind attraction in Branson where you will join the team and board safari trucks to visit Bigfoot Farms. Starting from Bigfoot On the Strip, this tour will take you along for a ten-minute trip to Bigfoot Farms, and you will experience a ninety-minute tour of the farm and the surrounding hills, then back to Bigfoot on the Strip. As you get onboard the amazing twenty-eight seater safari bus, you’ll get the chance to see the spectacular landscape that surrounds the place. The outside window of the bus allows you to understand better views than on other touring vehicles, giving you a fascinating tour experience.

The fascinating off-road adventure with the safari bus will have you humming in your seat with awe-inspiring excitement. As you make your way to the farm, you will hear complete details from the tour guide about all of the sights you see along the way. Once you reach the destination, you will have the chance to interact with and feed mystical Scottish Highland cattle on a working farm where you see cows from the largest Scottish Highland producer in the Midwest.

The Big Action Tower, standing at over 200 feet, is a new attraction at the Bigfoot on the Strip that features two individual adrenaline-pumping rides. The Action Tower is the highest point in Branson where you can have the chance to see heart-stopping views. The Super Sling is another daring saddle ride for two persons that will launch the riders up into the air and then let them tumble end over end as they rush back towards earth. These new daring rides are the first of their kind in Branson to open to the public.

The Gravity Bomb is a 200 feet free-fall ride that accommodates up to 8 riders. This is the only drop ride in the world that allows riders to experience a true free fall. The ascent to the top allows riders to see panoramic views of the Branson area. As soon as the bomb is released, you’ll feel the heart-pounding descent like no other. The sophisticated magnetic braking system takes you to an ultra-smooth stop. This is one exhilarating adventure that is an absolute must when you are in the area! You’ll want to ride again and again.

Bigfoot Adventure Golf is a mini-golf adventure that will impress you over the 18-hole course. You can walk through a decorated cave with glow in the dark and blacklight painting for bats, a wolf, and all other kinds of creepy-crawlies. Bigfoot Arcade features games that are new to the area. This makes the arcade one-of-a-kind attraction in Branson that is housed at Bigfoot on the Strip. Photo booths, claw machines, skeeball, and classic arcade games will keep you highly entertained all day.

attractions in BransonBigfoot’s 8Di Action Ride is another thrilling adventure that provides players with an unusual and entirely immersive interactive gaming experience, complete with 8D interactions. With multiple movies to choose from, you will be able to chase villains in the Wild West and help Bigfoot escape. Visitors to this fascinating attraction in Branson are sure to spend a relaxing day and watch an action-packed movie at the Bigfoot 8DI Action Cinema.

This interactive theater at the Bigfoot is one of the best in Branson and boasts some action-packed adventures that will dazzle and thrill every moviegoer. As you watch a movie with 8DI Action Cinema, you’ll get to experience how immersive this movie adventure is. As you buckle up in your seat and put on your 3D glasses, you’ll be treated to an amazing movie featuring state-of-the-art sound effects, moving seats, and amazing visual effects. Bigfoot’s 8Di Action Cinema provides you with a fully interactive and immersive gaming experience.

Bigfoot’s Adventure Maze is another beautiful attraction at the Bigfoot that offers multi-level maze that is full of fun for the whole family. This multi-level maze features varied challenges and obstacles to maze runners with its system of underground tunnels, spiral slide, and Yeti Treehouse. You will race through the twisting, multi-level maze to find four checkpoints while avoiding Bigfoot. You can have the option of a traditional exit or if you want to enjoy a daring experience, leap from the top of an Amish built Timber Frame tower.

So, if you want to explore the Ozarks, check out the Bigfoot Discovery Expedition and many other exciting indoor and outdoor adventures at the Bigfoot on the Strip in Branson.


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