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Cold Beer, Hot Pizza, Beautiful Afternoon

Date: 2016-03-28 12:00:00 am

Cold Beer, Hot Pizza, Beautiful Afternoon


The Claybough Plaza in Branson West has been the home of the Pizza by the Chef Restaurant since 1992. This pizza restaurant is specializing in brick oven baked, gourmet pizza with freshly made dough and sauce with a variety of gourmet toppings to create a perfect pie for you. Pizza by the Chef also offers calzone, gourmet salads, pastas, and desserts that are made from scratch including cheesecakes, and tortes. Frequently visited by locals, the place is an excellent choice for dining in, taking your pizza home baked or ready to bake in your own oven.

Pizza by the Chef Pizza by the Chef Restaurant in Branson West offers the best quality pizza along with excellent service. The pizzas produced in this restaurant are baked in a traditional brick lined deck oven. Pizza dough and sauce are regularly made every day here. The sub rolls are prepared daily from scratch and all vegetables are always fresh and never frozen. The restaurant has a signature dressings that are beautifully prepared inside the kitchen using their own special recipes. Beside the standard menu items, the restaurant offers a wide selection of seasonal salads, desserts, daily lunch specials and a daily buffet.

This great pizza restaurant in Branson is committed to serve the best quality pizza with friendly service along with serving a traditional brick-oven pizza. The freshness and the quality of the pizza product at Pizza by the Chef is completed with pizza crusts and sandwich breads that are made from scratch daily. The fresh vegetables are prepared each day to get the freshest toppings, and the special in-house pizza sauce and salad dressings are made out of the special recipes of the restaurant.

Diners in the Pizza by the Chef Restaurant can choose from appetizers such as Spinach Artichoke, Toasted Ravioli, and Garlic and Cheese Bread as well as glorious Gourmet Salads including Deluxe Antipasto, Raspberry Zing, and Southwestern Chicken Salad. This great pizza restaurant also offers Homemade 12 inches Oven Baked Subs completed with Meat Ball, Italian, and Turkey Bacon Swiss. Guests can have the chance to create their own pizzas from a wide selection of toppings as well as a variety of pizzas including The Chef’s Ciao, The Chef’s Hawaiian, The Chef’s Via, and The Chef’s Buffalo Chicken.

In 1999, the pizza restaurant reopened its doors after spending many months learning to prepare traditional pizza pies. The pie dough is made every day in the restaurant. To produce a perfect density crust, the dough is placed with a temp of 38 degrees for 24 to 36 hours before serving. The making of a fresh traditional pizza with a perfect crust is what makes the pizza tempting and inviting. The pizza sauce is made in-house and the ready availability of the freshest vegetable and the best cheese help create a traditional pizza with a great taste.

The Pizza by the Chef Restaurant in Branson West is a great place to spend a beautiful afternoon with some cold beer and hot pizza with the family or friends.

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