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An Educational Show from Our Special Friends

Date: 2014-09-12 12:00:00 am

An Educational Show from Our Special Friends


Live Animal Shows & Keeper Talks at the Promised Land ZooThe Promised Land Zoo is a family owned business established in 1999. The four mile drive-thru of the Promised Land Zoo features more than 50 species and exotic animals such as monkeys, camels, kangaroos, zebra, tropical birds, large reptiles, antelope, deer, and other incredible animals. When the zoo opened for business, it started with a few animals and now it has grown to over 500 animals and expanded to more than 120 acres. The zoo features a guided personal tour for a great one-on-one experience. Each visitor can get the chance to bottle feed the animals that come from around the world.

At the petting zoo, you can have the opportunity to get up close and feed goats, porcupine, horses, tortoise, hogs, and much more. As you drive through the vast property of the Promised Land Zoo, you will be greeted by buffalo, deer or emus that are all expecting some food. There are some foods for the animals at the shop you can grab if you don’t want to frustrate these animals. As you drive along, you may stop for awhile to feed animals every time they come near. They come near your window and may grab the food out from your hands.

Throughout the year, you can see many amazing attractions in Branson. One of these attractions is the Promised Land Zoo where you will find unique and endangered animals from all over the world. Your visit to the zoo is not your typical experience, you can get closer and feed the incredible creatures. Admission to the zoo includes the Foot Safari, Parakeet Paradise, live animal show and also bottle feedings. There are animal professionals in the zoo who will help you interact with big cats, zebras, camels, kangaroos, and even reptiles. At the zoo, you can spot African cats like the serval, caracal, and lion cub; snakes and alligators; and ring-tailed lemurs.

The Promised Land Zoo is a truly fascinating place that in just one minute drive you’re in the middle of nowhere in the wooded hills of the Ozarks, the next minute you see herd of zebras, buffalos, and horses while some speedy ostriches chasing your car. Be sure to take a camera with you, if you want to bring home these memories. You may love to snap photos of Forrest Hump (a baby camel), adorable Zebra, or a squirrel monkey.

The zoo features animal show daily with Jungle Josh and/or Buckaroo Bride at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm. This animal show is included in your admission ticket. The zoo also features a fascinating gift shop, so don‘t forget to grab some great souvenirs. For the past twenty years, the Promised Land Zoo has been caring for nature’s different kinds of incredible creatures and sharing them with animal lovers.

If you want to experience an amazing zoo adventure with your family, visit the Promised Land Zoo in Branson and have the opportunity to get up close and feed the exotic animals.


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