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A Night of Never Ending Laughter

Date: 2014-11-16 12:00:00 am

A Night of Never Ending Laughter


Jecobie’s Comedy Hypnosis ShowJecobie’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is one of the best Branson shows that brings laughter to all audiences. Comedy Hypnosis with Jecobie Roberts at Branson Central Theatre gives you a unique experience with countless participation of audience in one of the most fascinating and unusual shows in Branson. Enjoy the night at Branson Central Theatre with Jecobie Roberts’ hypnosis, comedy, and humor. Watch this intriguing show as some volunteers from the audience are brought up on stage to participate in this entertaining Branson show.

Jecobie’s Comedy Hypnosis and Dinner Show offers a non-stop laughter and great entertainment galore for audiences of all ages. Get ready for a mind-boggling performance as Master Hypnotist Jecobie Roberts takes center stage with her extraordinary act, delivering a high-energy performance with her unique style of entertainment. Her natural showmanship and her incredible wit towards her energetic performance help create a highly entertaining show. In this Dinner Show, everybody can have the opportunity to take part in the show and become an instant star or you can just sit back and relax and watch the fun and excitement unfold.

Master stage hypnotist Jecobie Roberts delivers a high energy performance using rapid-fire wit and highly entertaining showmanship to give you a truly enjoyable Branson show. Jecobie spent 25 years performing coast to coast and appeared on several National Radio Shows in many states. Her sensational ‘’Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show’’ in Branson is truly incomparable. Jecobie Roberts wowed everyone when she performed at Disneyland. She performed also at the Summer Olympics in New York’s Columbus Circle. Later she found herself in prison when she made a safe entrance to inmates as guest performer at San Quentin.

While being entertained with performances of Jecobie Comedy Hypnosis and Dinner Show, you can enjoy all the home cooking you can eat with a yummy buffet. Dinner menu includes Baked Chicken, BBQ Pork, Red Roasted New Potatoes, Green Beans, Fresh Lettuce Salad, Choice of Ranch or Italian Dressing, Cobblers for dessert, and Iced Tea. Vegetarian meal can be available upon request with pre-order arrangement 24 hours in advance.

Before the start of the main show, you will hear a pre-show talk about the process of hypnosis and some interesting facts about the show. Jecobie Roberts is a very talented performer with great sense of humor. This Hypnosis Show is truly entertaining and educational for both children and adults. This Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show is one of the best Branson shows where you need to have napkin to wipe out tears of laughter. While enjoying the show, you will never know how many times you laugh hard. In this intimate venue, you can get the chance to obtain a DVD from the night’s show so you could bring home the memories of a wonderful show you have experienced.

The Jecobie’s Comedy Hypnosis and Dinner Show at Branson Central Theatre is an extraordinary show to watch where you will surely laugh until you wipe out tears of laughter while watching Hypnotist Jecobie Roberts performing the most intriguing show on stage.


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