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5 Things you'd Love to do during fall in Branson

Date: 2013-10-12 07:13:51 pm

5 Things you'd Love to do during fall in Branson

Long cold nights and short vibrant days! Autumn is coming! How do you plan to celebrate the gorgeous yet short lived fall season? Bonfires, apple picking and football games sounds fun but doesn't a vacation during fall in Branson, Missouri sound better? Pack up for below is a list of things you'd love to do in the Ozarks this autumn.

Rent a cabin in the Mountains.

First things first! Admit it you want a cozy vacation home. How about renting a Branson log cabin at the Grand Mountain? The cabins built along the gentle slopes of the Ozark Mountains are tucked into a rustic wooded setting.  But during the fall season when the trees on the rolling foothills display the brilliance of their leaves,Autumn Leaf Logo

 your whole family will be secluded in multi-hued setting. These cabins also boast deluxe amenities. However long you think autumn nights are you won't get bored inside a Branson cabin's living room area. You can snuggle close to everyone in a queen sized sleeper sofa with a cup of hot cocoa in hand while watching a show on DVD or over cable channels with a gas fireplace to provide warmth. The nights are long but with a king sized bed, it's worth it. There's also a kitchen area where you can bake pumpkin pies. And, from dawn to dusk you can enjoy the dazzling view of the leaves of the trees that surround the cabin from the patio.

Attend a Festival

Autumn is the time for celebrations as it's also the harvest season. Festivals are everywhere especially in Branson, Missouri. For a whole month of fun, you can head to Silver Dollar City to join the National Harvest Festival to look at how unique crafts are made and listen to toe tapping music. Another celebration that will daze you with handmade crafts made by skilled hands is the Autumn Daze Craft Festival held at Historic Downtown Branson. Still another is the War Eagle Fall Fair which is the largest hand-made craft fair during fall in Branson.

Feast your eyes on the foliage

Aside from the crisp weather, another thing that makes the fall season a much anticipated event is the impressive foliage. During your vacation to a Branson cabin in Branson, it would be a shame to miss the stunning beauty of the hillsides, mountaintops, lakeshores, glades and balds as the ashes, hickories, maples and oaks that grow in the Ozark Mountains exhibit the transition of colors from bright green to pale yellow, fiery orange to flaming gold. Prepare for a treat because you will be able to see this astounding foliage either from a scenic train ride, a cruise on the lake or aboard a chopper or a plane. So get ready for an eye feast because fall for the Ozarks is a striking explosion of colors.

Attend a Halloween Party

The dead do walk the streets during fall in Branson. When the stars come out at night so does nightly creatures that will scare the living daylights out of you. But why run away for fright when you can join them? Aside from your autumn sweater, also put a one of a kind Halloween costume in your travelling bag so when these frightening beings try to terrify you, you can just grin and continue on your way to collect Halloween candies.

Collect some leaves

Is there a better token to remember a fall vacation in Branson by than a leaf collected outside a log cabin in the mountains? When the cool wind blows a perfect memento is sure to fall so be ready to grab one. Why, you can even start creating a scrapbook that you can fill with different types of leaves and other souvenirs from your Branson vacation.

Fall in Branson is truly a splendid time for a family getaway. During the vibrant autumn season you can rent a Branson cabin at the mountains so you can attend festivals, enjoy the foliage, join a Halloween party and collect leaf keepsakes.  

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