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5 Best Places for Picnic in Branson

Date: 2019-06-12 12:00:00 am

5 Best Places for Picnic in Branson


Many visitors are coming to Branson during summer visit this favorite vacation spot to see world-class entertainment shows, exciting attractions and many of them also happen to enjoy great fun activities. Some visitors find picnic activity as a great way to enjoy the summer. Below are the five best places for a picnic that will make you enjoy a fantastic outdoor fun in Branson.

outdoor fun in Branson1. Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area is one of the five best places in Branson where you will find it fascinating to enjoy a picnic with the whole family. While enjoying a wonderful time in the area, you can get the chance to enjoy seeing beautiful natural sceneries, fantastic wildlife, and the scenic overlook. The conservation area is home to five trails that include Dewey Bald, Glade Exploration, Streamside, Shane’s Shortcut, and Homesteaders that course through the heavily-forested regions of the vast land.

On these trails, you can enjoy exciting activities that include a picnic, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. In most areas, you will find some flora and fauna. The vast land mass of the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area which has a total area of 1,543 acres is composed of wooded forests, streams, hillsides, and a series of glades. The valleys that you can find in the area are sometimes called balds that make up the historical White River Balds where the vigilantes used to gather after the Civil War. If you have heard the name “baldknobbers,” you probably know that its name derived from this plot of land.

2. Stockstill Park is one of the most popular parks in the Ozarks where most visitors come to enjoy an exciting outdoor fun in Branson. Beautifully located along Roark Creek, Stockstill Park offers a hub of activities for children and adults alike. The park also hosts tennis and softball leagues on its six tennis courts and two softball fields. The park also features four separate covered pavilions perfect for family picnics.

Visitors will also enjoy a beautiful walking trail on its one half mile paved path that surrounds the park. The park has also lighted soccer field, a skate park, picnic tables and benches, walking trails, and public restrooms. There’s also a new one-mile path that connects the park past Skaggs Hospital to the Branson Landing Boulevard round-about. From the round-about, you can take a leisurely walking to Branson Landing and the waterfront.

The 62-acre Stockstill Park offers a variety of options, from a relaxing walking adventure, beautiful sightseeing to an active game of tennis or softball. For those looking for a perspiring activity, you’ll find baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and even a skateboarding area. Stockstill Park is an ideal place for those who want to get out and do some little walking, jogging, or bicycling.

3. Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is also one of the best places to enjoy exciting outdoor fun in Branson. This is also one of the best places in Branson to enjoy a family picnic. With the spectacular views of Table Rock Lake on the background, the trail offers a smooth, paved pathway suitable for families with children and also accessible for motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs. As you enjoy the picnic and a short hike, you can have the chance to spot various wildlife with opportunities to see deer, red tail boxes, squirrels, bald eagles, chipmunks, osprey, ducks, cardinals, bluebirds, and many other species.

The trail is about 15-40 yards from the lakeside, and you’ll see picturesque views of the lake depending on the season, but during autumn you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view.  On the upper side of the Table Rock Lakeshore Trail, you will see valleys and dry woodlands with oak trees that are more than 200 years old. The trail stretches through Table Rock State Park under a green tree shade for over 2 miles.

When you start to hike at the Dewey Short Visitor Center and follow the trail down to State Park Marina, you’ll get the chance to see bald eagles in the tall oaks as well as fox and deer on the ground. As the trail is near the lakeside, you’ll get to see water enthusiasts enjoying fun activities on the lake such as boating, fishing, and swimming.

outdoor fun in Branson4. Mark Twain National Forest is also one of the best places in Branson where you’ll find it fantastic to enjoy a picnic with the whole family. This beautiful attraction in Branson offers a wide range of available recreational opportunities. With over 750 miles of trails, it makes Mark Twain National Forest one of the biggest in Branson. Here, you can find trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The trails in the forest vary in length and difficulty. The forest boasts more than 350 miles of perennial streams, many of them are suitable for kayaks, canoes, rafts, and inner tubes.

Outfitters in the forest are permitted to provide services to the public at various locations. The forest has more than 35 campgrounds and picnic areas that are located near a unique attraction such as lake, spring, stream, towering bluff or another scenic area. There are about 78,000 acres of semi-primitive regions that can only be accessed by hiking, mountain biking, or horseback.

5. The Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area is also one of the best places in Branson where you will find it great to enjoy the family picnic. The area features a 2.3-mile hiking trail which is moderately trafficked loop trail located near Branson. This trail is primarily used for nature trips, walking, hiking, and bird watching and is accessible at any time of year. Dogs can also be brought along to the trail but must be kept on leash. The Wilderness Area is a great place to enjoy hiking adventure and other exciting activities as it features over 140 acres of the wooded and rugged hill country.

So, if you want to enjoy a fantastic outdoor fun in Branson with the whole family, be sure to check out these five best places for a picnic in this favorite vacation destination in the Ozarks.


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