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3 Restaurants that Serve the Biggest Plates

Date: 2020-04-29 12:00:00 am

3 Restaurants that Serve the Biggest Plates


Most of the restaurants where you will find it great to enjoy fine dining in Branson always feature a wide selection of dining options, including steak, seafood, and pizza and BBQ as well as buffet and banquet facilities, and other special events. If you want to enjoy satisfying dining in Branson, you should check out these three restaurants that serve the biggest plates.

1. McFarlain’s Family Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Branson that serves the biggest dishes.  Beautifully located inside Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex at Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, this full-service restaurant is famous for its legendary Ozarks cuisine, homemade pies, relaxing atmosphere and great hospitality. The restaurant offers a hearty, cooked-to-order breakfast, possibly the best country breakfast in Branson, plus lunch and dinner entrees ranging from salads, homemade soups, sandwiches, and their special slow-cooked pot roast, ribs, chicken, shrimp, and steak

The restaurant is known for its traditional recipes, signature menu items, and quality service. Fried green tomatoes, pioneer pot roast, honey cornbread, vigilante tacos, and homemade pies are some of the delicious food served in the restaurant. The restaurant also offers a popular lunch item called the “McFarlain’s Special” to be exact, which features a heap of slow-cooked pot roast, with old white bread, and topped with gravy and a side of sweet, creamy mashed potatoes. This popular item is the epitome of comfort food that no restaurant makes it better.

McFarlain’s Family Restaurant in Branson is full of traditional Ozarkian food with a country charm that you must visit when you want to experience satisfying dining in Branson. In the mornings, McFarlain’s features an extensive breakfast buffet, and they serve the biggest plates full of family recipes. Passed down from generation to generation, this family restaurant cooks up authentic Ozark cuisines.

2. Farmhouse Restaurant is another popular restaurant that serves the biggest plates allowing visitors to enjoy satisfying dining in Branson. Many locals and tourists alike who want to taste home-style cooking are frequently visiting this favorite dining spot in Bransom. Conveniently located in Branson’s historic downtown area, the Farmhouse Restaurant offers delicious food that tastes like it was from a real country kitchen. In this restaurant, you’ll enjoy a significant portion of fried chicken, country-fried steak and buttery mashed potatoes.

The Farmhouse Restaurant is famous for their breakfast, their classic country cooking, and their delicious Blackberry Cobbler. This beautiful restaurant serves the biggest plate, and they have been filling the tummies of many visitors coming to this favorite vacation destination for decades. You’re sure to be satisfied with any meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner or with any of the items on their menu. They have a wide selection of soups and salads that include Smoked BBQ Salad and Vegetable Beef Soup, and their dinner menu offers everything from half chicken to Open Face Beef.

The food specialties served at Farmhouse Restaurant are often bringing the guests back time and again, and these include Chicken & Dumplings, Shrimp Plate, Flame-Grilled Pork Chop, and the Whole Catfish Dinner. The sides include everything that ahs Baked Beans and the “only in the South” option, like Fried Okra. Their breakfast menu includes options like Biscuits & Gravy, eggs, pancakes, and lots of sides.

Casa Fuentes

3. Casa Fuentes is a popular dining spot in Branson that also serves the biggest plates in town. In this restaurant, you can satisfy your cravings of delicious Mexican foods. Manuel Fuentes Martinez established Casa Fuentes in Mexico City in 1920. With his vast knowledge of international cuisines, he applied excellent food preparations and varied techniques to Mexican cuisines.

Today, his son, Manuel Fuentes Rodriguez, has taken the traditional Mexican recipes and brought its delightful taste to America. The restaurant now offers many specialty choices that include steak chimichanga, grilled chicken quesadilla, ground beef quesadilla, shredded chicken enchilada, and s

hredded beef taco.

This Mexican restaurant in Branson will give diners a unique gourmet experience where they can truly appreciate the exquisite food quality, great taste, and excellent service. For your catering needs or any party plans you have in mind, don’t hesitate to visit this restaurant. Casa Fuentes offers a complete buffet service, custom-tailored to your ideal taste. Its catering staff will take care of everything from its famous breakfast tacos to a full-service fajitas luncheon.

If you have a big appetite and want to look for a restaurant where you can genuinely enjoy satisfying dining in Branson, don’t miss to visit these three restaurants that serve the biggest plates.


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